Art Management

Everything art begins with the concept of the Art database. What is this? It is an online repository of all of the art available within Wine and Design. The database is maintained through a collective effort of the franchises and Wine and Design corporate. The basic process is:

  1. Franchise uploads new art.
  2. Corporate reviews it and approves it for either a) single location use or b) corporation wide use.
  3. Franchises create Art Lists for their own uses.
  4. Art is attached to Events. 

This article will walk you through the process and explain the finer points of art management.


Uploading Art

Please note, during the initial transition to the new system, a lot of art will need to be uploaded. Please search for art first before uploading to avoid duplicate uploads. See below on how to search for art.AddingaA

How to add and what to expect.

Art that is not currently in the database needs to be uploaded. This is performed in the Art Management screen found on the main navigation bar (left side of the back-end). 

Click 'Add Art' to bring up the Art Upload screen. You will be prompted to upload the file from your local computer using a standard file upload screen. 

You will also be required to input 4-6 tags identifying the art. 4 of the tags are required. The form will prompt you for specific tag categories (ex. theme, canvas size/medium, artist and studio). An additional 2 tags are available for free form entry. More on tags below.

Once the form is completed, click Submit to upload the art. 

On Art Quality

The images you upload will be used to generate the public facing calendar. It is important that you upload art in a format and quality that supports a good looking public display. Image quality will be reviewed, but it is better for all if you attempt to meet some basic standards. General rules of thumb are image sizes at least 2 MB and less than 5MB, .JPG or .PNG files, and images cropped to not have borders. Below are some good and bad examples. 

Art Reviews

Wine and Design Corporate will review all art uploads as part of your quarterly process. Reviews will consist of checks of image quality, appropriate tagging, copyright checks and duplication. Should your upload fail any of these requirements, Maggie Barnes will reject the art, delete it from the database, and contact you directly to address the issue(s). We expect duplication to be an issue in the early stages, please search for art prior to uploading. It is likely that other franchises are adding art frequently during August and September. 

An important aspect of art reviews is the approval of art to be used by other franchises. By default, any art you upload will be immediately available for your own use. Other franchises will not have access to uploaded art until it is reviewed and approved. This step is built in to allow for location specific art work and individual artist arrangements. 

Art Lists. What Are They? How Do You Make One? 

With a database the size of Wine and Design's art database (more than 4000 paintings and counting), it is essential that you have tools for organizing and working with the data efficiently. We built the Art List functionality for this reason. 

Lists allow you to generate groupings of art work to meet a specific purpose, for example August events. This way you can build a view of the art database that fits your needs while removing all of the other art you are not currently using. 

You will find your current Art Lists to the right of the main art view in the Art Management screen. All of your current lists will be displayed along with a button for creating a new list. 

To create a new list, simply click the button and complete the form that appears. You will see the new list on the right immediately. 

Adding Art to a List

Adding art to a list is as easy as dragging and dropping art from the art view into the list. Simply filter or search for the art you wish to use, click and hold the art you want to add, and drag it into the list. Success will be communicated to you via a pop-up message at the top of the screen. 

Filtering Art

Filter or search art? Oh yeah. Remember those tags you were forced to add when uploading new art? This is where those tags are used. You will see a search bar at the top of the art view area. You can filter the art currently displayed by entering tags into that search bar. Simply enter a term you wish to search on and hit the 'Enter' or 'Return' key on your keyboard. You will see that term replaced with a small square box containing your term and a small 'X' next to it. This means that your term is ready to be used as a filter. 

You can enter multiple filter terms by continuing to enter terms and hitting Enter. 

Click the 'Filter' button to the right of the search bar to execute the filter. Importantly, multiple filters do not continue to limit the terms. I.e. searching for Crab and Landscape will not limit your search to landscape oriented paintings featuring crabs. Instead, it will show crab themed paintings and landscape oriented paintings. 

Viewing a List

You can view the current status of a list by clicking on it on the right side of the screen. The current list will pop-up displaying thumbnail images of all current art in the list. You will notice a small X next to each art work. You can remove it from the list by clicking the X.  In this view you can also delete the list and [organize images?]. 

Using Lists to Add Art to Events

Lists are the only way to add art to events. If art isn't in a list, you won't be able to see it in the 'Add Event' screen. More on this point in the Event Management article