Top 6 Favorite Things on the BACK End

Hi Franchisee Friends,

First let me say, what an honor it was to be part of the planning process and test process of the new website. I truly hope that you all LOVE IT. The Corporate Wine & Design team and Grapefruit team worked SO incredibly hard to capture all of my needs as a franchise owner and I hope that I captured many of the features you had hoped for. In fact, they are still working- taking all customer feedback from my clients while we are in "pilot",  taking my feedback /notes/recommendations, as well as corporate feedback and the site just keeps getting better and better- front and back end.

Here are a few of my top FAVORITE Things on the BACK END:


1. Drag and Drop an Event! OMG How super cool is this, a little box pops up and its just a super easy process to fill out the event data.

2. I do not have to do any math, it tells you exactly how many tickets are remaining (within the event data) and now on the front end too- customers are LOVING this and it means no more people blowing up my phone asking how many tickets are left!

3. Also love the "private event slider" within the event- I also asked the Grapefruit team if we can "filter" on the dashboard for private events too- so hopefully that is coming!

4. Love the "TOGGLE VIEW" at top of Event Calendar so you can easily PRINT out all the information in one great place and its a readable schedule with the picture shown! 


5. You upload all art work and then make "LISTS". Currently I have Maryland Themes, July Events, August Events, Teen Night , SUMMER etc. Once in an event, you can just pull from the list, so throwing the calendar together is such a seamless process and takes much less time!


6. You can search for customers now! Say what? YES! and then see all of the events they were or are registered in- how amazing is this! We can now track our frequent customers and reward them much easier. There is so much potential with this customer section.

Overall, the back end is so user friendly, yes change is hard, but I promise after you plan 5 events in the back end you will be a PRO! The fact that we will have reliable data so that we can grow as franchisee owners is so huge for all of us. I am really really impressed with the Grapefruit team and their commitment to actually listening and producing what we NEED as franchise owners to run our business. When Corporate said #nextlevel they really meant it.

Stay Artsy,