Widgets, Graphs, and Reports. Oh My!

We are working with the Wine and Design and Veronica, our pilot user, to determine exactly what kind of data and information is important for you. As we determine those requirements, we are building the dashboard to provide a quick snapshot of your studio's performance. We communicate this information in a variety of ways. Really, we are choosing a means of presentation that makes sense for the type of data we are displaying.

For example, we can give you daily sales as a simple widget that updates as new sales come in. 

Or, we can use a bar graph to show you monthly sales over the past calendar year. 

Or, we can use circle graphs to show you the mix of events you have held. 

The key is, we can be flexible. We also view the dashboard as an entry point into more feature rich reports. You will see opportunities to filter the data presented in charts and tables, for example sales versus number of events versus average sales per event. You will also see buttons allowing you to export, or print, your reports. This will allow you to create records of your performance as part of your normal business operations. 

A Work in Progress

As of this demo site launch, we are very much actively working on the dashboard. Stay tuned to this page for updated information.