The CORRECT Way to Do Refunds and Edit the Roster

In order to allow you to manually enter in-store sales, refund online sales and perform partial refunds, the system seems to have multiple options for refunds. This is confusing at first. However, with a simple set of decisions, refunds become clear. This article will walk you through the process for manipulating your roster.

Step 1: Is this an online sale?

If the transaction being edited is an online sale, DO NOT use the event calendar to edit the sale. Again, DO NOT use the event calendar. Use the 'Orders' screen. Skip to step 3. 

Step 2: Do you want to return the manual sale tickets to inventory?

If you want to return any tickets to inventory, YOU MUST REFUND BY QUANTITY. This is the default refund option in the 'Orders' screen. Any other method will not return tickets to inventory. 

If you happen to mess up and not refund by quantity but still want to return tickets to inventory, the only method is to increase the total size of the class in the event calendar screen. 

Step 3: Do you want to refund the entire amount of a ticket to the customer?

Yes. Go to 'Orders' and REFUND BY QUANTITY. Tickets will be returned to inventory. Note, you can return a partial number of tickets from an order using this method. For example, I order 3 tickets but cancel 1 ticket order. You can refund by quantity 1 ticket. I will get the money for a single ticket and that 1 ticket will go to inventory. The other 2 tickets will remain sold and in the Event Roster.

No. Refund by amount. Note, tickets WILL NOT be returned to inventory. Why? It is assumed that a partial refund means the person is still attending but just given a discount. You will likely use Refund By Amount infrequently. 

Step 4: Are you trying to keep money in the system and simply issue a Rain check or allow a customer to book a future class?

Easy. But it takes a couple of steps.

First, use the 'Add/Edit' screen in the Event Calendar. Simply reduce the amount of tickets to the appropriate amount. Note, this method DOES NOT return money to the customer. 

Second, create a coupon/voucher for the amount of the rain check. Ensure that it is a one use per customer coupon and set for only 1 use total. Make sure that you are not applying it to the entire cart. 

Third, send that coupon code to the customer. Inform them that they can book a future class using the online system and the coupon code. 

Do you want to add that ticket(s) back to inventory? Yes. Increase the class size accordingly. 

Key Takeaways

  1. In only a single case, issuing rain checks, should you use Add/Edit sales. 
  2. Add/Edit sales does not return money to the customer.
  3. All refund methods available in the Orders screen returns money. 
  4. Once any refund method is used, the system will prevent you from issuing further refunds. 
  5. In almost all cases, you should refund by quantity. When in doubt, refund by quantity. 
  6. Refund by amount should only be used for partial refunds. 
  7. The only way to return tickets to inventory is by refunding by quantity. 
  8. If you need to, you can increase the class size to add tickets back to inventory. 

Video Overview

How to refund a sale in the new Wine & Design system.