Refunds - a friendly reminder

As you probably have noticed, there are two types of refunds in the system. So which should you use? Here's a quick explainer.

1. Do you want to return tickets to stock and refund money? 

Yes? - Use 'Refund by Quantity'. You're all done.

No? - Next question.

2. Do you want to refund money but not return to inventory?

Yes? - Use 'Refund by Amount'. You're all done.

The key point to remember is that the system cannot figure out your intentions so it is cautious. When you use refund by quantity, you are essentially forcing the system to return items to inventory. But, when you use refund by amount, the system doesn't know what you want to do so it plays dumb and only refund money. No items go back into inventory. 

What does this mean in the backend? Good question. It means that in instances where you refund by amount, you are likely to see tickets missing from your inventory that do not have a matching attendee in the event roster.