Art Buzz Kids Camp Setup

As the year ends and we turn our attention to 2016, we thought we'd detail how you can use a combination of the newly available blog and juicer to promote your Art Buzz Kids Camps! This article will assume that you have finalized your camp plans and are ready to announce those plans to the world. If you haven't, please do so before beginning this process. We don't want to confuse your customers! 

Step 1: Put your camps on the calendar

The online system can be used to book your camps. Simply create an event that begins on the first day of the camp. Make the start time the actual start time of the first day of camp. Have multiple camp options, i.e. half day and full day, make separate events for each. Set your price accordingly. 

How do we handle multiple day events? Good question. We can't. At least not without confusing your list view and signups. We are only going to put the event on the first day of the camp on your calendars. So, instead we are going to use the event title and the description field to communicate the schedule to your customers. We will return to the description in a second. 

KEY POINT: Copy the event URL for later use in your blog and social media posts. 

Step 2: The Blog

Your new blog allows you to quickly and easily create content for your site in many forms. In this case, you can use a blog post to announce your camp schedule and post sign up information. To begin, draft an announcement post that contains everything you want to tell your customers about your camps. We are going to use this post in social media and in the event descriptions SO MAKE IT A GOOD ONE!

Remember that event URL we copied, you should make links and/or buttons in the post for your customers to click on to book their camps. Use the URL we copied and they can go directly from your blog post to booking their camp. Have multiple events or camps? Put in multiple buttons, just change the URL to the appropriate event URL. 

Don't forget to make the blog a featured post so it stays on your site! Use the toggle. 

Step 3: Social Media

So now we have events we can link to AND we have a detailed blog post you can point people to to get more information. Next step, reach out to your customers via social media. You'll want to use the blog post link in social media. 

Don't forget to go into your Juicer account and feature your camp posts so they stay prominent on your website!

Step 4: Add a button to your Art Buzz Kids content

We have the blog post featured on your site and the Juicer posts featured, but why not feature your camps more? 

We are going to use the 'Reach Out' content area to put a camp announcement in your site. Specifically, we are going to put a button pointing to your blog post in there. Here's how to do that:

  1. In your back end, go to 'Front end management' > 'Art Buzz Kids Details' > 'Reach Out'
  2. Delete what's in there and paste the following in there: <button type="button" onclick="location.href='[blogpostURL]';">Summer Camp Information!</button>
  3. Copy your blog post URL into the link above in place of [blogpostURL].
  4. Save changes

You should see a button in the 'Reach Out' section of your art buzz content area. 

Congrats! You have now created a set of content announcing your camps, linked multiple posts to that announcement, and linked your events to those posts.