Introducing User Management

Add, Edit and Delete User Accounts

You can now manage your system's user accounts right from the dashboard. This blog post will walk you through the steps. 

Accessing User Management

You access user management via the top of the back end screen.

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Clicking the person icon will reveal a drop down box. Select 'User Profile' to access the user management screen.

User Management 

The User management screen allows you to perform all user actions. 

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You can change your password, create new accounts, or edit existing accounts. Be sure to save changes!

User Roles

We have created two roles: 1) Studio Manager and 2) Artist. Each user you create must be assigned one of these roles. The role assigned will dictate what the user can see and do in the back end. Specifically: 

  • Studio managers can perform all actions in the backend except for viewing the dashboard and financial reports. 
  • Artists can only view the calendar. 

You set the role at the top of the new user screen. See below. The drop down field sets the role. 

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