Creating Unique Coupon Codes/Voucher Codes

You may have encountered an error when creating a coupon code or voucher code. The system says something along the lines of, "This coupon code has already been entered." You swear you haven't used the code before. So what gives? 

You are encountering one of the downsides of a database. All locations are sharing a database, even if you can't directly tell. So, when one location uses a coupon code, the system restricts any other location from ever using that code again. This is designed to prevent accidental changing of coupon code deals and other problematic side effects. 

So what can we do about this? 

We recommend that you use a standard prefix at the start of your coupon codes and voucher codes to ensure that your codes are unique. Lets walk through an example:

  • You want to create a code = HALLOWEEN
  • To ensure it is unique, add your studio number to the front of the code, making it now: 51HALLOWEEN

You can do other things with prefixes and suffixes to add more information to your coupon codes. For example, you can append a letter denoting what type of coupon/voucher this is. Say you are doing a marketing campaign. Instead of 51HALLOWEEN, you could make it 51PROHALLOWEEN to denote the promotional (i.e. PRO) coupon. I'm sure you can think of many other uses of this approach. 

This is just one way that you can use the features enabled by your new e-commerce engine to help your daily studio operations. Have you thought of others, we'd love to hear about them!