We get this question a lot. "How do I enter reservations into the system?" The short answer is you are not supposed to and we discourage doing this moving forward. However, since the old system allowed for reservations, we have built a work around into the system to allow for 'reservations'. There is a major caveat that you MUST follow.

First, how to enter a reservation.

The best way is to use the 'Enter/Review' sales functionality available in the Event Details screens. Click on the event in question, click 'View Event Roster', then click 'Review/Enter Sales.' From there, you can enter a pre-sale by completing the bottom row, clicking 'Add Row' and then clicking Save Changes. The system is going to require a first and last name, a phone number with an area code, a quantity, an amount, and a description. 

Now, the caveat:

Please note that the new system is not designed to be a reservation system. The resultant sales reports will expect any 'sale' entered manually to have a corresponding transaction somewhere. If a 'reservation' fails to show, you will need to reconcile your event roster by making that 'sale' a $0, 0 ticket sale using the same process and editing the transaction. This action must be performed within 7 days of every event. Failure to do so will result in mismatching reports, questions from corporate and a lot of work later.